“Just make it easier.”

That was the starting point for Sash4U. Unsatisfying, hair-pulling experiences
pushed us to make it much, much simpler for people wanting to
buy windows, doors, roof lights and screens.

At Sash4U, we know people lead busy lives. We know you only want
high-quality products that improve your home for years. And we know you
want great service.

That is why Sash4U offers:

Keeping it simple allows you to order your windows, doors, roof lights, lanterns and
screens with ease and get back to whatever you enjoy doing most.

Please get in touch if you want any help.

Instant pricing

Our online calculator puts you in full control.* Simply add your window specific
requirements and you will receive an initial quotation.

If you are happy with your initial quotation, a member of our team will arrange to visit
you at a convenient time. They will check your measurements are millimetre-perfect,
discuss your options with you and follow up with a final quotation.

We want to make sure we fully understand your bespoke requirements for doors, roof
lights and screens. So please contact us to discuss as we want to get It just right for you.

Why choose Sash4U?

Sash4U is a boutique company.

This means we specialise in a limited number of high-quality products in a limited area of the country.

Our customers are based in London, North West London, West London and South West London and the immediate surrounding areas. Being boutique means our friendly team is dedicated to excellent products and service.

We specialise in windows, doors, roof lights and screens. Both our contemporary and traditional ranges are made from high-quality raw materials. Our craftsmanship results in products your home deserves.

Our range includes:

  • Sash windows
  • Casement windows
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Roof lights
  • Internal glass doors and screens
See our products page for full details of all our contemporary and traditional
windows, doors, roof lights and screens .

At Sash4U, we understand you are making an investment in your home. That is why
we only provide products that:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Enhance the beauty of your living space
  • Improve its energy-efficiency
  • Bring the outside in
  • Give you security and peace of mind
  • Maximise the natural light within your home
  • Are built to last

Double glazing provides a whole range of great benefits. It helps with:

  • Temperature control
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety and energy use

As it captures and retains heat within your home, double glazing keeps you cosy
throughout the winter.

It also captures sun rays, so it helps your rooms stay cooler during the summer

You will also save on energy with double glazing. This means your carbon footprint
will be lighter and your energy bills will be lower.

Double glazing is safer. It is thicker and, as the name suggests, it provides a double
layer of glass. This means it is harder to break. Double glazing is also sealed much
tighter than normal, single glazed windows.

Double glazing minimises condensation. This means you will find less moisture on
the panes. This helps save your windows from mould and damp rot.

Double glazing gives you more control. Thicker panes of glass shut out noise from
outside. This allows you to relax in peace and quiet at home.

We also offer triple glazing options. Call us to discuss your new project

Help with your investment may be possible with a Green Home Grant. Visit the following websites for more information. And give us a call if you need any help applying for a grant.